Countries API

This API returns a list of countries, and is used by the Pledge API as a reference.


  1. Making a request
  2. Methods
    1. Countries
  3. Usage policy

Making a request

This API follows a REST design pattern.

There is currently no need for an API key to make a request.


There is currently only a single method for this API.


This method returns a list of all countries, along with a unique ID and a reference to its ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code, if available.

The URL for this method is It must be called using a GET request.

Example response:

   <country id="5" iso_alpha2="AF">Afghanistan</country>
   <country id="18" iso_alpha2="AX">Aland Islands</country>
   <country id="8" iso_alpha2="AL">Albania</country>

Usage policy

Requests should be limited to one per minute.

The data is made available on an 'as is' basis, and the Science Museum makes no guarantee of its reliability (indeed, the number of 117 year old participants suggests that people do lie!). The pledge data should not be taken as representative of Science Museum visitors or the population as a whole.